STANCE Gets Reliable Cellular Connectivity With BlueCable Networx

When the trendsetting clothier STANCE opened its long-awaited world headquarters in San Clemente, it had everything that it needed to expand and develop -- except a reliable cellular signal. If STANCE wanted to continue its groundbreaking operations, its employees needed a way to communicate and collaborate. That's where we fit in. We were able to establish a system just as sleek and modern as they are, developing a far more stable cellular signal and contributing directly to their failover backup array.  

Creating a Stable and Reliable Cellular System Indoors

The offices of STANCE have an incredible industrial start up aesthetic, and that's definitely something that we didn't want to disturb. Not only do we focus on providing strong cell signal boosting technology, but we also want to offer our clients designs that fit them and their needs. For STANCE, we knew we had to create a solution that would be effective as well as attractive. 

When you walk into the STANCE headquarters, white, round and futuristic antennas are now suspended from the ceiling. These antennas are part of our passive DAS system, and it improved service throughout the headquarters by repeating cellular signals. All-in-all their system was created through three major components installed by our skilled technicians at BlueCable Networx: a donor antenna, a bi-directional amplifier (BDA)––or cell phone signal booster––and repeating antennas through it. With this system we were able to provide complete cellular service throughout the two separate buildings that comprised the STANCE headquarters. 

Solid Construction Can Mean Weak Cell Signals

In STANCE's case, the lack of connectivity wasn't isolated to any single provider -- nor was it the fault of the providers. When a building is constructed out of extremely stable, and energy efficient materials, that can mean that the signals are unable to flow deep into the building. They simply cannot penetrate the solid construction of the structure. If a company wants to boost these signals to achieve better cellular service, they can go through the providers; but it will be a long and very expensive process. With our passive DAS system, we're able to boost the signal of all providers simultaneously and facilitate connectivity throughout. 

Building a Network That Just Can't Fail

In order to maintain connectivity, STANCE utilized an Internet failover device: a Cradlepoint router with a 50 MB circuit designed to protect against the possibility of their two other network tiers from going down. Even with a main, dedicated fiber connection and a secondary cable Internet connection, STANCE still needed to be absolutely sure that they would always be accessible. After all, a single business interruption can cost a company like STANCE millions in opportunity costs and sales. That's where our system came in. We were able to provide an additional cellular data failover connection designed to kick-in through Cradlepoint in the event that their other Internet options failed. With the addition of our reliable cellular connectivity, STANCE's Internet service became virtually bulletproof. 

STANCE was looking for an all-around solution to improve upon their cellular coverages throughout their new headquarters -- without increasing their budget significantly. Through our passive DAS technology powered by WilsonPro, they were able to acquire lightning fast, guaranteed coverage for AT&T, Verizon, and other cellular service providers. With our system as an additional failover backup solution and newly improved cellular service, STANCE has been able to maintain continuous connectivity with zero downtime.



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