The Power of the Sun Meets Cellular Connectivity

When it comes to sustainable, renewable energy sources, solar power is still at the forefront of the energy revolution. But even state-of-the-art, advanced systems still need a way to communicate. Next generation, industrial solar networks are designed for improved efficiency and productivity, delivering clean energy back to the grid through a complex array of interconnected systems. That's where cellular connectivity comes in.

Converting, Multiplying, and Calculating through the SEED Controller

The Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) controller gives the system all of the knowledge it needs to perform at its best. This includes calculations, capacity information, conversions, power levels and more. When properly connected, the SEED controller protects and allows the solar energy from the array to flow into the grid -- but a proper connection can be hard to maintain. Solar arrays are often at the very outskirts of populated areas, where the environment is optimum for energy collection and the land is most affordable. These areas may get the best sun, but that doesn't mean they get the best cellular connectivity.

Augmenting the Power of the Sun with BlueCable Networx

BlueCable Networx is able to provide passive DAS cellular signal boosting solutions to maintain reliable cellular connections 24/7. Even better, this system is connected directly to a battery backup, which can provide connectivity and up-time 365 days a year. Through BlueCable Networx, solar systems are able to focus on what they do best: provide clean, renewable energy. 

BlueCable Networx is able to provide solar systems with the technology they need to remain connected. Contact BlueCable Networx today to learn more about their passive DAS technology today.