A Complete Cellular DAS Solution In Under Two Weeks

A Complete Cellular DAS Solution In Under Two Weeks

Modern businesses rely upon communication for everything from critical business operations to customer service. When the STOTZ Equipment company in Casa Grande, Arizona required reliable cellular connectivity, they contacted us at BlueCable Networx. We were able to provide reliable cell coverage throughout their office in under two weeks. 

Dropped Calls and Spotty Cell Coverage Plagued STOTZ Equipment

General Manager Glay Staheli and his employees had a problem -- they just couldn't connect. STOTZ Equipment was experiencing repeated dropped calls and spotty cellular coverage inside of their office, hindering their business operations and damaging their productivity. This was more than just a mere inconvenience. Employees had to fight through constant interruptions, struggling to both connect with clients and to collaborate with their colleagues. Glay Staheli knew that they needed a better solution. STOTZ Equipment connected with BlueCable Networx for their turn-key passive DAS solution. The entire process from initial contact to completed installation took less than two weeks.

Passive DAS Cellular Coverage Was the Answer

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are able to boost cellular connectivity over large spaces, working seamlessly with a wireless provider to provide a higher quality of cellular service overall. Antennas are distributed throughout the desired coverage zone, reducing the number of dropped calls, improving voice quality, and making it easier to remain connected. These systems are absolutely critical for coverage at larger offices, work sites, and areas that are traditionally hard to serve -- such as rural and agricultural areas. Through the experience and skill of our technicians, we were able to provide a full passive DAS cellular system powered by WilsonPro to STOTZ Equipment in no time at all.

Passive DAS systems can be installed anywhere and will work with any provider. They aren't designed to replace a cellular service, but instead use the available signal to give it the boost to its power that it needs to provide a higher quality of calling. DAS systems can be used for both 4G LTE cellular data and 3G/2G voice networks, and they become more useful the larger the area. DAS systems are frequently used in large auditoriums, college campuses, and transportation systems -- anywhere that calling may become spotty or irregular. In addition to boosting large areas of weak coverage, DAS can also be used to resolve coverage issues in areas that are coverage-resilient, such as areas that are underground. Modern businesses are now using new-age building materials for better energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and cost-savings. But the side effect to these revolutionary new building materials is that they do block cellular signals. Through BlueCable Networx, companies such as STOTZ Equipment can reap the rewards of these advanced materials without losing access to their cellular connectivity. 

Reliable Cellular Coverage through BlueCable Networx

At BlueCable Networx, we don't just give you a turn-key solution -- we tailor the solution to your company's needs and we work with you to get you exactly what you want. In the case of STOTZ Equipment, we worked hard to develop the perfect solution for them. Over their approximately 20,000 square foot office, they needed stable, accessible coverage with their preferred provider: Verizon. We worked with them to ensure that their employees would be able to connect whenever they needed to.

STOTZ Equipment was able to achieve better cellular connectivity in under two weeks through the use of our cutting-edge DAS cellular system. Once they had contacted us, we were able to mobilize -- determining the best locations throughout the site to place our equipment and ensuring that there was full coverage throughout. Thanks to our celluar system, STOTZ Equipment was able to achieve better communication and collaboration, and was able improve upon productivity overall.

Are you currently struggling with reliable cell coverage in your large building or office? Are you in an area that simply doesn't offer reliable connectivity? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We pride ourselves on remaining on-time, on-budget, and on-task. BlueCable Networx offers a complete array of enterprise and commercial-grade turn-key DAS cellular signal boosting systems suitable for any application. 



Quick Facts:
• Approximately 20,000 square feet
• Verizon (preferred cell carrier)
• First contact March 28th, 2016
• Completed install April 11, 2016