Cell Signal Booster = Rave Reviews for Reliable Service in Jasper Plumbing's Metal Building

With over 10,000 square feet of space and 30 foot ceilings, the new building was just right for Jasper Plumbing, a thriving local business serving customers around Lindon, UT. Unfortunately, though the building was fantastic, the cellular service was not. The sheer size and construction of the building was enough to dissuade signals from all carriers -- and it was disrupting not only the operations of Jasper Plumbing, but also their two tenants. 

Cellular Connectivity Isn't Optional When Running a Business

Jasper Plumbing's 10,000 square foot warehouse housed not only Jasper Plumbing, but also two valued tenants within office rentals. All of them needed to have reliable cellular connectivity. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint signals were all optimal on the outside but poor on the inside. They weren't able to penetrate the metal construction of the building. Service providers themselves could do nothing; the signals simply weren't getting through. There was even an AT&T tower right outside of the building.

Getting the Best Connection With WilsonPro by Wilson Electronics

The process always begins with troubleshooting. By using a spectrum analyzer, we were able to determine that the AT&T signal was much stronger than the signals of other providers -- understandable given the close proximity of their tower. That meant that we couldn't just boost all of the signals; AT&T's signal would overload our equipment. Instead, we had to be extremely strategic about placing our equipment.

By placing a donor antenna, we were able to shield our equipment from the overly strong signal from AT&T while boosting signals from Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. This helped balance the signals so that they could be appropriately distributed throughout the building. Once this was done, we were able to install repeating antennas that could propagate the signal throughout their building. A booster was installed in the equipment closet and the entire installation was complete. 

Through our customized cell signal boosting solutions, were were able to bring Jasper Plumbing and its two tenants from 0 to 1 bars to 4 and 5 bars in less than a single business day. Jasper Plumbing has been getting rave reviews from its tenants, and they've been able to maintain ideal cellular connectivity throughout their operations. Our process is designed to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible –– so that clients such as Jasper Plumbing have connectivity when they need it. 

Are you currently struggling with reliable cell coverage in your large building or office? Are you in an area that simply doesn't offer reliable connectivity? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We pride ourselves on remaining on-time, on-budget, and on-task. BlueCable Networx offers a complete array of enterprise and commercial-grade turn-key DAS cellular signal boosting systems suitable for any application.